Head of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Do you want to be at the heart of a high-growth, well-funded, digital health company, that is revolutionising the way that clinicians gain early insight into their patients’ conditions?

Xim’s Lifelight technology extracts clinical vital signs (pulse, blood oxygen, blood pressure, respiration rate) from simple video feeds (from standard webcams).

The solution is based on combining established state-of-the art machine vision (specifically Remote Photoplethysmography), signal processing and machine learning. It has been trialled at a number of the UK’s largest teaching hospitals, resulting in possibly the largest dataset of its type – one million heartbeats – for supporting machine learning. Currently registered as a Class I medical device, xim is currently in the process of securing CE marking for Lifelight as a Class IIb medical device.

To get the greatest value from the complex waveforms that we can extract from the video feed, xim exploits recent developments in artificial intelligence (specifically machine learning). We use sophisticated bespoke techniques to generate the best and most robust predictive models from a complex challenging data feed.

Xim is a recognised leader in the field of the application of Artificial Intelligence to complex medical problems and has received several grants and awards in recognition.

Xim has a robust and well-structured data science and machine learning capability. We are now looking for a dedicated Head of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take our machine learning capability to the next level. Xim already possesses the largest data set of its type in the world (a million heart beats) and is constantly adding to this through the sponsorship of multiple clinical and non-clinical studies. The role of the Head of AI will be to introduce a step change in our exploitation of this data so as to: improve the accuracy and resilience of our machine learning models, develop the company’s AI capability, introduce emerging ML techniques into the company, and ensure all of this is done in a controlled and structured manner.

As a Software as a Medical Device product (SaaMD), all xim’s scientific work – including the machine learning work – must be conducted within the company’s Quality Management System.

About the role

The role is to lead all aspects of artificial intelligence activities within xim: delivering improvements in the measurement of vital signs and further developing the company’s leading position within the field.

We currently have a team of machine learning experts and other data scientists. This represents the core intellectual capability of the company in terms of our Intellectual Property. We are looking to grow this while preserving the quality of the team. Working with the CTO and CEO, the Head of Artificial Intelligence will be responsible for creating and managing a strategy for this growth in capability, recruiting and managing the optimal mix of internal and external resources.

Reporting to the CTO, the role of this job is to:

    • Manage the technical delivery of the machine learning team at xim
    • Lead the exploitation of the clinical and non-clinical data sets that feed the machine learning process
    • Enhance the innovative ML techniques xim uses to address its data science needs
    • Oversee the generation of machine learning models resulting in higher quality (more accurate and more resilient) measurements – or new measurements for new vital signs
    • Oversee the design of machine learning experiments that propose and rigorously test hypotheses supporting the increase in quality of Lifelight’s readings
    • Manage the technical aspects of machine learning, ensuring that the most appropriate software and hardware is used effectively
    • Ensure that the target medical devices have implemented all ML models correctly, interfacing with xim’s technical development and operations team to achieve this
    • Working with the clinical team, ensure that all clinical and other data collection studies are designed to provide optimal data as input to the machine learning process
    • Create and manage a strategy for the growth of xim’s AI / ML capability – using both internal and external resources
    • Keep abreast of the AI literature, identifying and introducing new techniques and tools that will be useful to the improvement of Lifelight’s measurements
    • Identify experts to act as collaborators and advisors while aligning with xim’s IP strategy
    • Ensure that all AI activity is methodically documented according to the requirements of xim’s ISO 13485 Quality Management System – and work with the regulatory compliance team to continue to develop the design, development, and technical support aspects of the xim QMS



  • Thorough understanding of the science underlying AI and ML
  • Experience in creating and implementing machine learning capability
  • Experience of introducing transformative techniques to improve ML capabilities
  • Experience in managing teams in the delivery of AI projects
  • A relevant degree to BSc or MSc level (or above) in a relevant subject


  • Experience of working with medical data
  • Experience of working within a Quality Management System
  • Experience of working with and developing certified medical devices

Why join us?

  • Create solutions that change the way that patients access healthcare across the globe
  • Work at the leading edge of computer and clinical science
  • An opportunity to be a key part of a very fast growing, ‘disruptive’ company with the potential to truly revolutionise the delivery of many aspects of clinical care
  • An opportunity to be one of the earliest senior technical team members in a rapidly growing company that has been identified as a key clinical innovation over the coming decade by the NHS and UK Government
  • Work alongside people from different backgrounds who are global experts in their field
  • Flexible working
  • A competitive salary
  • An opportunity to learn and grow in expertise in novel computing techniques

Xim is a firm proponent of diversity: we are committed to celebrating and respecting diversity, equity and inclusion in its workforce.


Xim is based on The University of Southampton Science Park, in Chilworth. The work will require some days each week onsite (at least initially) but could move to primarily remote / home working if appropriate.


If you would like to apply for this role, please send your CV to: careers@lifelight.ai